Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | March 18, 2010

Heave ho!

Turn-out for the very first Community Garden dig day was quite high, given the fact that it was “Mothering Sunday.”

We started off by marking out the space with jute twine, outlining the beds that we had conceived in our design the weekend before.

We had twelve or fifteen volunteers turn up in total, some in shifts over the course of the day. It was nice to see a lot of the newest members still hanging on and straggling in. We have yet to really have anyone come to a meeting as a one-off, which is encouraging. I guess it means we succeed at getting our claws in you. (It’s probably the cake, earnestness, and me chasing people around with seed packets.)

But beyond an expression of a collective love for cake, the consistent attendance of our meetings and planning days and now a dig day (!) just goes to show the need that our local community has for this sort of activity. This garden has given people from all different backgrounds and generations the chance to get together and share the single goal of getting our garden off the ground — and showing the local authorities that this is how we’d like money and time spent. Food, cohesion, sharing. It was great just listening to all the different conversations happening on different plots that were being dug this Sunday. Czech culture? Urban chicken farms? The news media? Favourite restaurants? Got ‘em.

After three hours of digging, we had made a pretty incredible dent in our design. And also eaten some cake.

Next weekend, we’ll get started on our shed and weed some of the beds that were turned over today.


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