Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | March 25, 2010

My kingdom for a shed

Another weekend, another Community Garden dig day.

The morning began on a challenging note with pretty steady rain. We had fewer diggers than last weekend, but the sky looked ominous, so all is forgiven. Nine people is pretty good for a rainy Saturday morning in March! Plus, a newcomer did turn up, entirely inspired by Ealing Transition’s website!

We decided to get going on our donated shed, so a team took to preparing the foundation by digging and leveling out the bit of land we had previously marked out with litter found on our plots. The space we dug out was originally full of rubbish, grass and twigs, so it took a bit of work just to clear it for digging.

I don’t think that I would have been much good at coordinating this engineering feat, anyway. And so I take photos..

They fitted the foundation to the space and then lined the hole with paving stones. It took ages to figure out whether or not the foundation was level, so once it was, this sort of photo was pretty much required:


We’ll be putting up the rest of the shed next weekend. Our digging, meanwhile, is moving right along. We returned to the beds that had been dug last week and just picked over them, pulling out the weeds and adding compost. This sounds like small work, but our pile of crud eventually amounted to this…

Now that last week’s plots have been turned over, we can spend next week putting up the shed and starting a few other beds. A cold frame is in our future… which means… the liberation of many window ledges…

The view from the plot.

Note ominous skies.

We like doing my fair share of allotment spying, so once we’d tidied our work space, we headed up to poke around other people’s sites. By “poke around other people’s sites,” I do actually mean… look at them respectfully from the path. Until we saw a pond, at which point we POUNCED.

I think that a pond would be very useful for us, as they attract frogs and toads who will hop up and down our plot, swallowing slugs. This was a pretty small pond that was off to the side on someone else’s plot in sort of strange borderlands. We are hoping to use organic gardening methods, so cultivating these sorts of microclimates would be ideal. Just food for thought… (Slug food.)


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