Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | March 30, 2010

Shed and cold frame! Rising like a phoenix!

This week’s dig day saw a turn-out of about sixteen people over the course of three hours. We’re making crazy progress and it’s pretty exhilarating, as demonstrated by our gleeful documentation. At the very end of the day, when we had finally completed the shed and were reduced to a group of three, Carrie retreated to the end of the plot to take a picture of it on her phone. It’s that big of a deal. Camera phone big! Now that we have structures up and errant piles of wood put to good use, our community garden seems more tangible than ever. And in an age when so much achievement isn’t necessarily visible to the naked eye, a shed, a cold frame and dug out beds are great benchmarks for hard work.

I like to think that part of our group appeal is not only a locavore interest in growing our own and restoring community resilience, but also an unwavering appreciation of cake.

This is Claire. I met her at Transition’s book group a few weeks ago, and she came along to a dig day for the first time this past Sunday. She’s now donating a water butt to our cause and getting sucked into the vortex of sweets, digging and shared slug knowledge.  We convert ’em quick.

In this photo, she is enjoying a slice of Marin’s chocolate and banana cake, something that Marin says takes only ten minutes to whip up. Marin is a Norwegian culinary arts student. We have informed her that she may use us as cake guinea pigs whenever she pleases. We have also informed her that she will be starting a community cafe with a used eco-book exchange, all locally sourced, of course.

Thus far she is very compliant.

Here is the Cake Baking Wonder looking skeptical about having her photograph taken. Meawhile, Sarah, who has turned out to be a real live engineer (really!), just dreamed up that cold frame from a bit of internet research and scraps of wood around the plot. Definitely a handy person to have on our side…

This cold frame means that many-a-window-ledge will soon be liberated of seedlings… probably to be replaced by more seedlings… Progress is as progress does!

The crowning achievement of this past dig day was probably the completion of our shed. The foundation took four hours the previous weekend (detailed below), and Carrie strategised the rest of its construction mostly on her own… with a few pushes here and there from people holding up the walls.

She gurned.

She grunted.

We pushed.

She sang.

And then… miraculously…

The plots are really coming together and we’re ready to plant next weekend!

Dig day will become planting day.


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