Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | April 5, 2010

Rhubarb, water butts and worms…

Easter Saturday was spent planting, digging and hammering down the plot.

One of our very first goals has been achieved with a flourish!

Carrie’s ceremonial rhubarb circle! Wherever Carrie is volunteering in Uganda, I’m sure she can feel the cosmic vibrations from the rhubarb circle… around which we meant to dance once it had been planted. But we forgot. Overwhelmed by other (water buttian? compost binnian?) tasks at hand.

Our rhubarb came as a donation from Helen at Haslemere Allotments. She split her plant for use and we split those chunks into five different new plants, plunked into our rhubarb circle in the middle of one of our plots.

Here are a few little broad beans, hopefully keeping nice and warm inside their makeshift plastic bottle cloches. They were freshly planted from a window ledge on Saturday morning. Hopefully they’re still doing all right..

We planted in our root vegetable bed and constructed a little protective shield around it to fend off the birds: a wall of sticks supporting some green netting. Hopefully this will allow our carrots, beetroot, onions, parsnips and radishes to grow big and strong…

Our nascent cold frame is even more full than this at the end of the day… peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, morning glories, basil, thyme…

Beyond planting, work carried on as usual. Grant threw together a compost bin out of pallets from a local supermarket. He gave our donated water butt a foundation, so we’ll have to add gutters to our shed roof one day soon.

Sarah used donated scaffolding wood to edge our permanent beds at the end of one plot. Once they’ve been hemmed in, they’ll make a nice home for raspberries, loganberries and black currents. Maybe a blueberry bush or two?

Here’s a view of the garden at the end of this last dig day. As per usual, I marvel at our progress… in spite of grim early April weather…


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