Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | April 10, 2010

This week’s dig day

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Sunday) is dig day this weekend.

Looks like it should be a lovely day for it.

As we now have a compost bin, feel free to bring along any food scraps, peelings etc to get our compost started! Note that, unlike the council food waste bins, we don’t want meat or cooked food on the compost pile, as they attract vermin and can get smelly as the compost probably won’t get hot enough to break them down quickly.

The ground is a lot drier than it was last week, so digging should be a bit more pleasant.

-sowing some green manure
-patching the roofing felt and attaching the final pieces of wood to the shed
-potting on brocolli seedlings?
-framing the ‘permanent’ beds
-sowing some peas under drink bottle cloches?
-separating bindweed and couch grass from the dirt pile for drying and burning
-eating cake??
-… anything else you feel like


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