Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | April 24, 2010

Better late than never, as they say

This post is a bit behind on account of missing camera cords and general chaos in the principal blogger’s domicile. We’ll blame all of this on the volcano and scrambled comings and goings.

This week’s dig day is tomorrow, so maybe this will get everyone pumped up for more digging and (probably) burning!

That’s right, burning. Those of you who have been down the plot will probably recall our burgeoning weed pile. After digging one of our areas from previously untouched soil, we had quite the collection of bind weed, couch grass and other undesirables on our hands.

See, I wasn’t kidding.

Nanako proved to be a master fire-tender.

This is the pile of weeds post-burning.

From other angles, it doesn’t look much diminished at all.

We’ve got a long road of happy bonfiring ahead of us!

Elsewhere on the plot, there was plenty of worm hunting…

And also some stage 3 digging…

Or was it more like stage 2.5?

The broad beans are thriving – hardy little beasts.

We had a neat experiment by accident this week, as some of the beans were left uncovered when we ran out of plastic bottles to serve as makeshift propagators.

These may not be the best photos to show you their size difference, but in real life, it was pretty significant.

The beans did fine without the plastic bottles, but those who had a bit of shelter and probably the chance to heat up really thrived.

The rhubarb appears to have survived its transplant…

Meanwhile, we added more seedlings to our cold frame…

And saw the donation of more wood that might result in ANOTHER cold frame.. ahhh.

We also sowed more carrots, onions, beet root, parsnip and marigolds into the root vegetable bed.

A few radishes are already poking their little heads up…

Sarah valiantly repaired the roof of our shed.

And we met a snake.

So it was the usual lovely morning down the garden with a bit of haze thrown in in the form of a utilitarian (but no doubt ceremonial!) bon fire – not to mention heroic tales of Carrie’s trip to Uganda. Digging Chatter also covered the Elusive Alys Fowler, the upcoming election, and Transition‘s showing of No Impact Man.

Oh yeah, and most importantly of all:  Last week’s cake was a delectable chocolate brownie OR banana bread purchased at the Action Farmer’s Market. That’s right. There was a choice!


  1. Yay! Really looking forward to joining in tomorrow. Seems like you guys started all the fun bits while I was gone. I’m impressed.


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