Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | April 30, 2010


As May kicks off, we’re now managing to devote half the team to planting and watering, half the team to digging. Everyone participates in cake eating, naturally. (Butternut squash and lemon frosted cupcakes OR chocolate chocolate and peanut frosted cupcakes this past week, for the record… Um, we’re really happy Maren’s back from Norway. REALLY.)

We received amazing donations of strawberry plants, French runner beans, potatoes and gooseberry seedlings. There was a lot of planting to do, and after weeks of just blindly digging and hacking into soil, it was a bit of a relief to be nurturing something.

Here are the newest beans. We now officially have three triangular beds of beans and peas – broad beans, greenshaft peas and French runner beans. The runner beans even stretch down into the next potato bed down the plot, edging the furthest border.

Here are our broad beans, for good glamorous measure…

The raspberries are still doing well in our permanent fruit bed, so we added some gooseberries and strawberries.

It was a great day for conversation. There were book recommendations and a bit of agonising over how to lead the most realistic, green lifestyle. And we established a Doctor Who hypothesis. After an extensive discussion of weeping angels and next week’s episode, Carrie hypothesised that everyone’s favourite Doctor is whoever was the Doctor when they were nine. Does that make sense? Thoughts?

And now, cake:

This week’s dig day is on Saturday – TOMORROW! 10 to 1. Be there or be square.



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