Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | May 18, 2010

Our very first little bit of food…

The weekday elves (or fairies?) were at it again, and we officially have a terrace for many-a-summer evening sat admiring our community creation… AND, it came complete with a built-in raised bed.

Seating! On which we might eat some cake. This week’s cake was a throw back to Maren’s previous butternut squash and chocolate-peanut cupcakes of yore. And while they left us feeling warm and fuzzy familiarity, these benches did give us quite a new, unexpected thrill! It was great to have a spot on which to prepare our feast and then linger afterwards, chatting away.

Here, Maren is inevitably talking about those cupcakes in front of her… oh my.

Beyond the patio and the cake, we planted in the built-in raised beds. Our broccoli was getting a bit crowded in the cold frame and there are still seedlings on window ledges that might appreciate rehoming. We planted it along with some homegrown cornflower seedlings  between the brick patio and a back fence.

Here they are in their pots, still reasonably happy.

Hopefully they won’t have found this transition too jarring!

Broccoli, cornflowers and spinach…

Meanwhile, in other parts of the garden…

Jana created epic pea teepees, fences, archways, planets…

And we had our very first pea pod emerge!

But the most valiant effort of all (and we do appreciate that pea pod cropping up) was Grant’s eight hour battle with our pile of dirt and weeds. He has more or less sifted all of the soil out of it, meticulously separating weeds, rocks, worms, grass, soil… to be reused! It was kind of an awesome task and deserves major props. (Those of you who have seen/contributed to the root and weed pile will be shocked the next time you see what’s left of it…)

This week’s dig day is Sunday, from 10 – 1..!

Come see the decimated weed and root pile!


  1. A weather update is available at a more local level with a better commentary as weather moves into the Ealing / Hanwell area. The Updates come via Twitter at @HanwellWeather with extended commentary via a Buzz link. This will help with long term plans as well as giving warnings when a down pour or thunderstorm is imminent.


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