Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | June 13, 2010

This just in: We’ve managed to grow some stuff!

This week’s dig day was seriously rung in by wandering the garden and… gawking… at all of the food that is visibly growing around the plots.

The radishes are ready to be harvested. We pulled them up with lots of squealing (on our parts.. and maybe the radishes too..) and sowed another set in the hope of having another harvest in a few weeks.

Our strawbs are beginning to turn a little red. We need to set straw beneath them soon to keep them from rotting against the bare earth. We have about eight plants in the same bed… and most of them have pretty significant fruit on them at the moment.

The currants on our red currant bush are turning red behind their netting.

One of many broad beans that survived the pests.

The first two French beans. Many of our French beans are fighting off quite the plague of aphids at the moment.

But the flowers are still managing to be pretty.


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