Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | June 14, 2010

Bring on the bees.

And so our struggle to attract bees and balance our environment continues…

Glendra always comes with amazing gifts from her own allotment and her garden centre travels. This rose bush is one of them. It is amazingly scented and a great, vibrant pink. She dug a home for it back with the shed, and Christopher dug a home for her other donation to the garden this week…


It should grow up over the top of the roof, from what I’ve heard. The bees will delight. (Hopefully!)

In the meantime, that bucket between the rose and the budlear contains our Alys Fowler-ian nettle fertiliser concoction. AF suggested dumping nettles into water and leaving them there to rot for a few weeks beneath a brick… creating a great fertiliser, particularly for tomatoes. We’re giving it a whirl, as we had lots of nettles and waste left over from clearing the end of the plot. We’ll see what happens! It’s not a very big bucket… so it might not stink the place up too badly.


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