Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | June 15, 2010


Our group can boast a little bit about doing all of this without much funding, or paying too much out of pocket. The majority of our supplies have been donated or picked up out of skips in the road. This seems like important information to share, particularly if any readers are thinking about starting off their own local food projects. Funding isn’t going to turn out to be the most important thing. Instead, you’d be surprised at how many people stop by for twenty minutes ONCE to give you left over wood, tools, seeds, the works. And once you open your eyes to all the useful materials sitting in skips and on the side of the road… well, money loses its importance.

Sarah picked these planks of wood up from her next door neighbor. Some of them were a bit moldy, but they’re do the trick for lining our beds. It’s slow going, shaping the planks to fit the growing spaces we’ve established, but they look great…

Here are Carrie and Aaron, working on two of the beds. Our green manure has been dug into the bed after flowering and Aaron is lining it with planks. Carrie, meanwhile, is preparing the edges of our herb garden for planks of its own.

Let’s just inch further and further away and watch them do all the sweaty work…

Just kidding! (I still obviously avoided the sweat.)

This coming weekend is a bit funny. Ealing Transition has a table at Hanwell Carnival, so a few of us will be manning that and chatting about the community garden while also giving away seedlings and generally spreading merriment. We’re shifting the dig day to SUNDAY rather than Saturday, just so people can frolic and REPRESENT on Saturday.

If you stop by our table, there’s a chance you might get a free seedling 😉



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