Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | July 17, 2010


I experienced my first harvest this morning. (Well, my first harvest beyond a single pea pod that I shared with Carrie weeks back, but that doesn’t feel transcendent enough…) There has been a slow trickle of harvesting, with everyone recording their takings in the group journal kept in the shed. The potatoes and squash are feeding us nicely. The herb beds are doing great.

Three squash, a courgette, a load of small and medium sized potatoes, the last of the broad beans… and a decorative sprig of parsley and marigolds. There’s an errant radish plunked down in the middle. I wound up taking home a squash, the courgette, a few potatoes, and a nice sampling of dill, sage and chives from our two herb beds. I’ve also got those three marigolds sitting in an ale bottle on our kitchen window sill. I mean, why not?

Those potatoes are the product of three potato plants. We turned over the broad bean bed as they had been pretty much stripped of beans, and were succumbing to the black fly. We’re leaving it to sit for a week or so before sowing something new.

We get the impression that we’re only at the beginning of our harvesting period, which should be about right? In the next week or two, we’ll be experiencing a glut of courgettes and other gourds, with butternut squash following in a few weeks. There are already eight flowers on one of our plants, and the three butternut squash plants that we interplanted with beans and corn are looking A-mazing.


Anyway, send over those courgette and squash recipes, please! We’re gonna need ‘em.


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