Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | July 21, 2010


We haven’t had much of a growth update since June. (That last “harvest” post can’t possibly count…) So here is a bit of a tour of our progress! Everything is looking green and lush. We’ve been very lucky, as mostly first timers.

The marigolds are tall and a great orange that POPS in the centre of the garden. Only a few of them have been taken by the black fly and the rest seem to really indulge the bee population. Their scent, I believe, is meant to ward off aphids and other pests. The tomatoes just next to them are doing great, so…

Is that not an absurd truss of tomatoes? Oh my. Our other tomato plants are doing great at their different points around the plot, so, fingers crossed for a blight-free next few weeks.

Both harvested just after this photo was taken..! I thought these were impressive, but they didn’t compare to the foot-long, hand thick courgettes that Katherine had harvested mid-week. I saw them in her kitchen tonight. They are insane. Hopefully we’ll get more like that to show to the internet. And eat!

That sunflower in the front with its couple of blooms is from a seed packet that should have expired in 2003! That just goes to show you: age is but a number.


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