Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | August 23, 2010

Reaping the fruits of our labour

Although it may be heading into Autumn with the nights starting to close in and the mornings getting a bit cooler, we thought it was about time for a spring clean. While we have been focusing on weeding, sowing and digging, the site has been getting a bit messy, and seeing as we are planning an open day soon, we figured we should get it looking a bit tidier and remove some of the hazards as well.

Our roaring bonfire managed to consume a lot of the mess, including the large pile of weeds that we don’t want in the compost (like brambles, couch grass, bindweed) that has accumulated since our last fire. We also decided to remove the crazy paving path between the triangular beds as it was, well, more of a hazard than a help really. Perhaps though when we have some time we may redo the path a bit more tidily, as we have kept the paving blocks.

And of course now is when we get to reap the rewards of all our labour, as our plot continues to produce a good supply of food. Although our beans have been rather disappointing, we managed to get a decent handful of good sized beans off them this week. The hundreds of tomato plants are covered in tomatoes, which are gradually ripening. We are still getting the odd courgette, although the courgettes really haven’t been as prolific as they usually are, and we are still digging up the last of the potato harvest. And Glendra brought some surprise plums over from her allotment, the surprise being whether or not there is a worm inside (about 50/50 based on my lot).

Now that we pretty much have the plot under control, we can start to think about our plans for the future, which include an open day on the 11th of September (watch this space), and a makeshift allotment-style greenhouse so that we can raise more seedlings on the plot next year rather than having to clutter up everyone’s windowsills. And perhaps a forest garden at Ascott?


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