Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | September 9, 2010

Harvesting at the Walpole Pop Up Kitchen Garden

Sunday afternoon’s harvest at the Pop Up Kitchen Garden was a ridiculous success. We knew that the community was enthusiastic about local food growing in that space after manning the information table during the official consultation back in July, but none of that really compared with the 100+ visitors we had in the space of just three hours this past week. I have a feeling that it had something to do with Trevor casing the park with an armful of fresh leafy greens, crowing, “FREE VEG!” to passersby.

We had a wheelbarrow full of cabbages, kales, heads of lettuce plucked fresh from the ground, chives, and the odd rudbeckia flower. A lot of people enjoyed just wandering the garden and harvesting for themselves. The great part about it was that, despite the large numbers, people seemed to really respect that some needs to be left behind for the bees and humans alike who can still enjoy this garden for another few weeks in its current state. 

We did leave some of the beds looking a bit bare – especially those where carrots or heads of lettuce were pulled up. We’re hoping to plant again soon for winter, so if you have any ideas on good filler plants or, even better, productive plants, please let us know! At the moment, we’re considering putting in a significant amount of over wintering green manure to enrich the soil. But other than that – we’re interested in your ideas! 

I trimmed back the tomatoes which were in desperate need of pinching, so hopefully now they’ll be able to ripen fully. We will probably have another harvest day in a couple of weeks’ time, which should be awesome. It was really a pleasure hanging out in Ealing and talking to people of all shapes and sizes about kale, local food projects and how we can promote more events like this one in the future.



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