Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | September 30, 2010

Greenhouse building

The nights might be drawing in and the days getting cooler, but there’s still plenty happening down at the garden. We are still harvesting beans, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes and herbs. Our butternut squash are valiantly trying to take in the last of the warmth from the sun.

Unfortunately our tomatoes have finally succumbed to blight, so we stripped most of the tomatoes last weekend, including many green ones (which Carrie has duly turned into chutney). Once the blight arrives, there is not much you can do but harvest the uninfected tomatoes and destroy the rest of the plants.

Building has commenced on a greenhouse so that we can start plants early in the spring next year without having to take up everyone’s windowsills, and maybe also grow one or two things over winter. It is so far entirely made from recycled materials (except the nails) – timber retrieved from building sites that was going to be thrown away, and windows from skips and neighbours of Trevor, who have been putting in new double glazing. The frame has been built (1.4m wide x 2.2m long), and this weekend we will be levelling the soil, squaring and bracing the frame and perhaps getting some of the windows on. Hopefully some pictures to follow this weekend.

Dig day (or maybe more accurately build day) is Saturday, 10am-1pm.  Be there or be square.


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