Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | October 2, 2010

As it has been a while since we posted photos, I thought it would be good to have an overview shot. This is plot 3, looking through the pergola, which has a couple of grapes climbing over it. Beside it are soft fruits – raspberries, strawberries, currants, gooseberries – which didn’t produce much for us this year, but should do much better next season now that they are getting established.

Mari’s oriental greens. We are not exactly sure what they are, but they are akin to swedes or turnips, with a bit of radish thrown in. Whatever it is, it seems to be thriving.

The leeks are doing nicely – they will stay in over winter, and hopefully put on a little more bulk.

The lettuces are also thriving…

As is the Swiss chard.

We’ve had a bumper crop of tomatoes, thanks to everyone starting seedlings on their windowsills at the beginning of the year – and of course we couldn’t throw any plants away! Unfortunately some of the plants have succumbed to blight, so we removed most of the tomatoes last week before they all got infected. There were lots that were ripe, and Carrie has turned the green ones into chutney – yum!

We have always had a space on our plans for a greenhouse, and now it is coming into fruition.

Almost all of the materials have been recycled – Katherine blagged all of the framing timber from a polish builder who was about to put it in a skip, and Trevor has sourced us some windows from a neighbour who has just had their windows replaced. We even have a glass door!

The frame is now up and braced and we put the roof on today.

Now we just have to work out how to fit the random collection of windows into the frame.



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