Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | November 8, 2010

The Greenhouse

Well we had a very productive morning on the plot this morning in tidying mode. All the various bits of wood lying around the plot that we have used for stakes and supports, as well as for building, have been sorted out and are now neatly stacked on a frame that Ellis built at the end of the patio. This should keep them dryish, and prevent them from rotting. It will also help us avoid tripping over them as we wander around the plot. The shed has had a bit of a clean out as well.

Christopher, Katherine and I transported a large quantity of leaves from the entrance path into our compost bin, which will decompose making useful leaf mold.

Kathy spent hours weeding around the strawberries and sorting out all the runners.

And the greenhouse is now finished! Save filling in a few small gaps and putting some shelves in. Apart from 2 of the 4 roofing sheets, nails and screws and a couple of roofing purlins, all of the materials in the greenhouse have been salvaged and recycled. Our beautiful and functional greenhouse will allow us to raise lots of seedlings in the spring next year, rather than taking up everyone’s windowsills. Perhaps we can even have a go at some more exotic things over the summer. And we will over-winter some lettuces and chard.

It even has an opening front door!

We already have a few lettuces transplanted from the main garden, and some cape gooseberries, which are very tender and have already partly succumbed to the early frost. Hopefully we can keep them alive over the winter so they produce some fruit for us next year.


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