Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | November 28, 2010

A cold day at the plot

Well, winter has definitely arrived with a vengeance, and we’ve had some decent frosts and cool days in the last week. The water butt was frozen over with at least an inch of ice and the ground is now partially frozen!

It was a very cold, but lovely sunny day today and we managed to fix the guttering to the greenhouse so that we can collect water when it rains.

We were unsure whether the lettuces are hardy, but it appears that they are – they seem to be coping with the frost not too badly.

We also spread out some rotted horse manure (collected earlier in the year from the stables on Hanger Lane) onto the beds, which the worms will take down into the soil, giving our plants a good boost for next year.

The garlic and onions planted a few weeks ago are poking their heads up out of the soil – fortunately they like the cold, and garlic needs chilling in order to produce bulbs.

Our next, and last dig day for the year, is Sunday 12 December – put on some warm clothes and come and join us.



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