Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | January 9, 2011

Winter at the allotment

Dig days at the are currently on a somewhat dormant winter schedule – every second and fourth SUNDAY. I headed down this morning after a two and a half month (!!!!) absence to see what the good word was, but it was pretty quiet – and rightly so. I blame two months of exhausting work weeks that left me wanting to spend my weekends curled up in a ball in front of the fire at home for my total absence.  (Excuses, excuses, right?) But that’s the great thing about our set up – you can disappear for a few weeks, and there are other people there to pick up the slack, to keep things together. If I had my own allotment on my own, I would be hopeless.

At any rate, while I was gone, it’s clear that people put in a hard slog to get things neat and tidy for the growing year. Stakes are organised off to the side, and our glass table top previously used for feasting has been stored for next season. The most I could do was trim a few dead leaves from the plants that are still going strong, and pull up the dead sunflower trees (yes, they’re that big) left over along the edge of the permanent fruit bed. Sarah and Christopher came after I left and did a bit more tidying, organising more stakes, and pulling out last year’s marigolds.

I didn’t bring any pictures back, but I wish I’d had my new camera so I could have tried some shots of frost on the deep red and brown strawberry plant leaves, and the small curly leaves of the parsley. Still ready to harvest, we have a number of lettuces and French spinach, along with curly kale and sea kale, parsley, sage, chard, the leaves from our plucky little bay tree, and a couple of other herbs and spices. Our first crop of garlic seems to be coming along strong in one of the old tomato beds, as well!

Hopefully some photos next week!

– Courtney


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