Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | April 17, 2011

Budding beekeepers get up close with the bees in Perivale

Well it was a great weekend last weekend, a beautiful warm, sunny day – great conditions for us and great conditions for the bees. Around 12 of us had a great time learning about bees and hives, and then got a chance to get up close and personal with Andy’s bees in Perivale.

We started with a discussion about the hive and bees, using a training hive, showing us some of the things we expected to see when we looked at the real thing.

Then it was time to suit up.

We started by observing the entrance of the hives, which are housed within a shed. We spotted a few bees carrying pollen into the hive on their legs – pollen is their source of protein.

Andy then showed us the frames of the brood nest – where the queen lays her eggs – and we got to see the queen.

The bees were very calm, and happy to be handled – that is except the one that Andy squished! We then got a chance to handle the frames ourselves, and find the eggs, larvae, sealed brood and honey stores.

All in all a fascinating afternoon, and I think we all went away in awe of the bee. Thanks to Andy who shared with us his enthusiasm for these amazing creatures.



  1. Wow, didn’t expect to find someone so local on WordPress. I’m one of the beekeepers with a hive at the Ealing association in Perivale. Andy is a fantastic teacher and I’ve learnt a lot from him since starting beekeeping a couple of years ago. Glad you all had a good time with the bees!

    • Cool, we’ll probably see you on the odd Saturday afternoon.


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