Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | May 8, 2011

The sun came out for our open day!

After such a warm dry April, we have been extremely thankful for some decent rain in the last couple of weeks. The ground has gone from hard and dry to nice and damp, and our water butt is filling nicely. However, as much as we were thankful for the rain, our fingers were crossed for a sunny Sunday and fortunately, despite some heavy overnight rain, we were lucky enough to get a lovely sunny day for our Open Day.

The warmth and recent rain mean that everything is growing strongly. Although there is still a lot to do, the garden is starting to take shape for the season.

Our compost is still ‘composting’, but thanks to Ealing Council’s compost giveaway at Walpole Park on Friday, we’ve been able to add some compost to our heavy clay soil before planting. At the end of the winter, we also dug in well rotted manure from the stables on Hangar Lane.

As well as doing a bit of digging and planting, we enjoyed some great home baking and gave away seedlings and strawberry plants.



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