Posted by: Ealing Transition Community Garden | November 27, 2011

Plot management – before and during

Our community garden is situated on two half-plots at Village Park allotments. Having been frustrated by so many of the other plots being unused over the last two years due to the lack of a site manager, we decided to take over the site manager role.

Here’s what the plot looked like when we took over the management:

The plots on the left are generally well cultivated, but the plots on the right haven’t been grown on since we’ve been there, except for the one in the foreground.

In October we arranged a work day, where we encouraged all existing and prospective tenants to come down and help clear the site, supporting the work carried out by the council allotments manager, who did a lot of strimming and cutting down trees.

We sorted the large piles of wood into small and big stuff. We used the big stuff to create a habitat fence in our new nature reserve area and the small stuff was put into piles for later burning.

And of course there was time for tea!

The result? We now have almost all of the plots let out, and people have been very productive, digging and preparing for the coming spring. There is a much more distinctly community feel on the allotment now too.

Stay tuned for some ‘after’ photos


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