What is Ealing Transition Community Garden?

Ealing Transition Community Garden is a local food project launched by ordinary people in the borough of Ealing. We are affiliated with Ealing Transition, a global movement dedicated to restoring community resilience in the face of peak oil.  We have been granted two plots at Village Park Allotments in South Ealing.  We hope to create a space where community members can learn about vegetable and fruit cultivation so that they might eventually grow their own at home or on another allotment.

We hope to use this blog not only to chart the community garden’s progress, but communicate with other local food projects and hopefully inspire a few people to try their hands at digging as a community!

You can contact Ealing Transition Community Garden at ealingcommunitygarden@gmail.com for a somewhat stodgy mission statement or just general happy vegetable growing correspondence.

If you would like to come to a ‘Dig Day’, turn up to Village Park Allotments (W5 4NT) off Popes Lane in South Ealing; please check our calendar for details, since days vary throughout the year.


  1. I love meeting Carry planting fruit trees at Lammas Park last Saturday and I’d love to get involved in beekeeping and learning how to grow vegetables on an allotment.

    Would the allotment AGM on 16 March be a useful event for me?

    Cheers, Andrea

    • Hi Andrea! I know that EAP is teaming up with Kew to offer organic gardening classes – in June, I think. The AGM would probably be a great place to meet other people interested in growing food, keeping bees, et c., in the Ealing area. I would say definitely go check it out!

      Are you coming to the planting tomorrow at Lammas Park?

  2. Also, email us at ealingcommunitygarden@gmail.com and I will add you to our bees list, and feel free to join us at the allotment for our dig days (currently fortnightly on Sundays, but will switch to weekly before too long once the growing season gets going in earnest).

  3. I was lucky enough to visit Community Garden with my 11year old son last Sunday. WOW few soooo friendly faces, plenty of varies plants, bees, chickens…THANK You ! we will be back in 1/2 weeks to dig more, plant more, weed more 🙂

  4. I am interested in helping at Lammas Park Community Orchard, is anyone still meeting there? Alex 07429145812

  5. Hi I am considering using high lane stables again would you be interested in a unlimited supply of well rotted manure our horses are keept on a organic basis and the grazing is all natural I do not use any pesticideds

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