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  1. Hi, i have 3 allotment sites Dormas wells and lime trees 2 .Was interested in getting bees so just read around ealing and found your site, wow..
    I have a honda 501 rotovater do you want a hand with your dig.
    Have done allotments 10 of my 43
    used to be member of Invicta grove comm. garden no one could be bothered


    Jon Pinnock 23 Brunel Close, Northolt
    0788 600 6427 0208 841 2129

    • Hi Jon,

      We should probably rename our ‘dig days’ to weeding days, as we have done all the bulk digging and now we spend most of our time planting, weeding and harvesting, and not so much digging! That said, we are taking over site management of the allotment, and there are a number of plots that are uncultivated that we are getting into a state to be rented out. We are having a work day on the 15th of October for existing and prospective tenants, where we will do general maintenance around the site and also work on the uncultivated plots – a rotovator could be handy for that!


    • Jon, if you are interested in bees, then do visit http://www.ealingbeekeepers.org.uk/ … come visit our apiary, and if you still want to go for it, we are likely to be doing an introduction course next spring.

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